Growth Lessons from Top Growth Marketeers with Edward Ford

Ever questioned what is the core of a growth marketing strategy? During our March 2019 Tech x Marketing Meetup, we had the chance to talk to Edward Ford, Marketing Director at Supermetrics, who shared some of his greatest tips for growth marketeers.

If you follow B2B marketing, his name must ring a bell. Edward is known for being the host of the popular Growth Hub Podcast. He has interviewed numerous interesting marketeers and leading experts in the SaaS world, from companies like HubSpot, Slack and Drift – just to name a few.

Edward has a vast work experience in different business roles, such as copywriting, project management, sales, and more, although his main expertise lies within marketing. He has been doing marketing at companies like Advance B2B, Nordcloud, and Bitville; growing into a fantastic growth marketeer with strategic thinking.

Lari Numminen leading the growth marketing discussion with Edward Ford

We were super excited to have him as our guest speaker and he did not disappoint the demanding crowd. On the contrary, he exceeded our high expectations. No wonder we had a full house! Based on the feedback from the network after the event, most of the attendees were super-satisfied and felt like the had plenty of time to ask questions and get good answers about their marketing challenges at their own roles.

Did you miss the event or attended but could not write everything down? Read the best growth marketing tips from this blog post and get inspired! 🙌

Top 3 Learning Points from Growth Marketing 🚀

NUMBER 1: Marketing starts with the customer.

An obsession of doing great customer research and knowing your customer is vital for any marketeer. Unfortunately, in many companies, marketeers don’t interact with customers enough. Marketeers are often more obsessed with data and being data-driven. Instead, Edward proposes to be data-informed, and customer-driven ❤

Data is important, for sure, but it easily makes marketing too tactical. For example, if your leads are not downloading your material online, what do you do? Do you buy more ads, or do you instead try to dig deeper into the customer path and find the reason? Maybe there is a roadblock that has nothing to do with any tactics.

Be customer-driven and focus on the user experience. To get to know the customer, jump on sales calls, meet them online or face-to-face and ask about their pain points. Do whatever it takes to get to know the customers better and spread the idea in your team.

NUMBER 2: Focus on strategy, not on individual growth hacks.

Growth marketing may sound like it’s full of magic tricks and hacks. But it’s not. There are endless number of tools available in the market but at the end of the day, it’s not about them. Growth marketing is about strategy, not about finding some magical tools or tips for getting quick results.

Tools can help but there is no ideal ‘marketing stack’ for everyone because its highly context based. For example, HubSpot is a great tool when you have a large target group, whereas can work nicely for Account Based Marketing (ABM).

NUMBER 3: Be obsessed with learning.

If you are obsessed with learning, reading and studying, you improve your chances in succeeding as a growth marketeer. Listen to podcasts and read the books others recommend. Utilize others’ learnings and adapt them to your own work.

Even though new books are written every day, don’t forget the classics in marketing. Here is a list of the books Edward recommends:

Follow These Amazing Marketeers

While there are tons of content out there and it seems like everyone has their own podcast or blog nowadays, the best ones stand out from the crowd. Here are Edward’s top four recommendations for you:

“A podcast for people who want to get better every single day.”

“Forget the Funnel is the tech marketer’s toolbox for being amazing at work.”

“I am an international keynote speaker on the topics of Positioning, Market Strategy and New Product Introduction.”

  • Content Marketing Blog & Podcast: Jimmy Daley from the Animalz

“Real content marketing strategy—no tips, tricks or hacks.”

Content Marketing is the King

Content marketing and copywriting are the skills you will always need, so work on them. You will need them for value propositions, Google Ads, email subjects – everything.

“You cannot exist without content marketing.”

In the meetup, we discussed a lot of about content and Edward had some practical tips for us that he has found useful in his work. For example, Supermetrics has four cornerstones in their content marketing and they all have their own purpose:

  • Content for SEO
  • Content for paid campaigns
  • Content for social and influencers
  • Content for guest posts (outside of company)

Have you separated your content in some way? This is something you should consider.

Here are also a few other tips Supermetrics is applying and you could try too:

  • Build clusters of content around topics and put extra focus on the cornerstone content. If you are not familiar with clusters yet, check this article to understand the concept of the Pillar-Cluster Model.
  • Focus on high-intense search 🡪 use very targeted topics and keywords to get relevant leads (quality over quantity)
  • Publish guest posts on relevant medias and sites to bring backlinks

Great tips overall, and if you are hungry for more, check out the Growth Hub Podcast. Thank you, Edward, for joining us! We hope to see you and all the readers of this post in our next meetup 😊

❤️ Miira